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Shear Beauty's new identity reflects a salon that has shed its youthfulness and embraced a timeless elegance. I replaced their old logo with a full brand identity that is sleek, with a modern aesthetic that whispers of confidence and sophistication. The color palette, a symphony of black, white, and rose gold, exudes a luxurious air, while the iconic "SB" symbol, a testament to Whitley's legacy, stands tall with a newfound sophistication. This isn't just a logo refresh; it's a metamorphosis, a declaration that Shear Beauty has evolved, embracing the changing industry while retaining its essence. Every curve, every line, speaks volumes about a salon that caters to the discerning client, where quality meets style, and every touch is an invitation to experience unparalleled beauty. Shear Beauty is no longer just a name; it's a promise, whispered with a touch of rose gold, that every visit will be a masterpiece.

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