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How to Slayyy Email Marketing: Create Your Own Templates As Nice As Flodesk, In WIX.

Forget basic, boring emails that get banished to the digital depths. It's time to strut your stuff with campaigns that strut into inboxes, make jaws drop, and convert your tribe into devoted fans. Buckle up, darlings, because we're about to unleash the secret sauce of email marketing magic, with a twist of city-slick chic and artistic flair.

1. Know Your Squad: They're not just subscribers, they're the coolest crew in town! Understand their desires, dreams, and how your brand fuels their fearless, fashionable lives. Segment like a pro, personalize your messages with a knowing wink, and make them feel like the VIPs they are.

2. Subject Lines with Sass: First impressions are everything, honey! Craft subject lines that sizzle with wit, ooze intrigue, and whisper promises of exclusive finds. Think playful questions, cheeky wordplay, or limited-edition offers that spark the "gotta have it now" fire. Don't be afraid to flirt with emojis, experiment with styles, and make those inboxes tremble with anticipation.

3. Brand Your Way Like a Runway Queen: Don't be a chameleon, babe! Embrace your brand's vibrant personality in every pixel. Infuse your emails with your brand kit's electric colors, bold fonts that strut down the screen, and imagery that's pure street style meets art gallery. Consistency is your power suit – let your brand shine through and become instantly recognizable, darling.

4. Content Crave-Worthy Enough for Vogue: Don't just sell, inspire! Fill your emails with content that's as addictive as a vintage find. Share insider tips, offer exclusive insights into your creative process, or showcase your brand's story with raw, authentic beauty. Remember, you're a storyteller, not a pushy salesperson. Captivate, educate, entertain, and let your tribe fall in love with your world.

5. Call to Action: The Epic Adventure Begins: Every email is a journey, and your CTA is the runway to the next chapter. Make it crystal clear, irresistible, and as tempting as a limited-edition drop. Whether it's "Shop Now" with a discount code that screams "steal of the century," or "Download My Guide" to mastering that artistic technique you've been dying to try, guide your audience with bold direction and watch them sashay right into your sales funnel.

6. Mobile Matters, My Mobile Muse: Emails aren't confined to desktops, sis! Optimize for every device, prioritize layouts that sing on tiny screens, and embrace responsive design like a tech-savvy goddess. Make sure your audience can slay you on the go, catching every update and offer wherever they roam.

7. Metrics are Your Magic Mirror: Data doesn't lie, it informs! Track open rates, click-throughs, and conversions like a detective deciphering the secrets of the inbox. A/B test subject lines, CTAs, and content to discover the winning formula for your tribe. Experimentation is your best friend, so don't be afraid to tweak and refine until your emails slay harder than a killer pair of boots.

8. Automation Ain't the Enemy, It's Your Wingwoman: Embrace automation to work smarter, not harder, darling! Schedule welcome emails, nurture leads with targeted sequences like love notes from your brand, and personalize birthday greetings that make them feel like the center of the universe. Let technology be your tireless assistant, freeing you to focus on the creative magic that makes your brand sing.

9. Unsubscribe with Grace: Even the coolest crews have departures, honey. Make the unsubscribe process smooth and painless, offer valuable resources as farewell gifts, and learn from their reasons for leaving. Every goodbye is a chance to evolve, to understand your tribe better.

10. Experimentation is Your Secret Weapon: Don't be afraid to break the mold, darling! Try new formats, explore interactive elements like quizzes or polls, and test different content types. Your audience craves surprises, so keep the email party fresh and exciting. Think pop-up art installations in their inboxes, not predictable museum galleries.

Remember, email marketing is a continuous runway walk, not a one-time strut. Keep these tips in your arsenal, stay true to your brand's authentic flair, and most importantly, have fun! 

With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of street-style sass, and a whole lot of artistic expression, you'll be slaying inboxes and converting followers into fashionably devoted fans in no time. Now go forth, my chic comrades, and conquer those digital dragons with your email magic!

The REAL Tea: Bonus points for implementing these tips with your brand kit! Let your colors, fonts, and imagery be the spotlight on your email runway.

  1. Create your own "Flodesk" like template in WIX and re-use it for every campaign, replacing the bulk of the content/images each time. Keep the header/footer areas the same. This will cut down on time, and ensure on-brand email campaigns every time.

  2. Be sure to use your brand fonts, or find very similar fonts available in WIX to use for all of your email campaigns.

  3. Use your brand colors. You can select your "theme" colors in the top left hand corner of the page to automatically apply your website theme colors.

  4. Utilize the "add products" tool to quickly and easily add products to your email campaigns. Edit the appearance (text font and colors) and then you can just rotate the products you add to each email campaign you send.

  5. Create a 3 post image with 3 of your favorite social media posts, and add link your Instagram page for a faux "IG Feed" like Flodesk.

Utilize Canva to create images and GIFs to creating stunning on-brand imagery for every campaign. Never add too much text (or any) in the images, be sure to use the text directly inside the email.

Sign up for a 1-on-1 canva class to help you create content that converts, and resonates with your target audience.

You got this!


asia nirae

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