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More Hair by Sugga Slayz isn't just a hair salon, it's a crown for your confidence. The bold, modern logo bursts with vibrant pops of hot pink and lime green, mirroring the salon's infectious energy and passion for empowering individuality. Black and white neutrals create a sleek canvas for this explosion of color, ensuring your locks steal the show while the salon itself remains a chic haven. Clean lines and playful typography whisper of edgy sophistication, speaking to the salon's commitment to excellence without sacrificing its fun, approachable vibe. This isn't just hair care, it's a celebration of your unique beauty, a place where crowns are braided, twisted, and loc'd with a touch of Sugga Slayz magic. More Hair by Sugga Slayz doesn't just style your mane, it ignites your inner queen, reminding you that your hair is a canvas for your story, and this salon is your studio.

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