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free business resources


The small business association website is a MUST visit for anyone looking to start their own small business. There are amazing tools all over their website, especially in the "Learning Center" tab.


marketing 101

Forbes created a bomb marketing 101 list for small businesses that is filled with some of the most important aspects of marketing that you'll need to get you up and running.


target market compiled a list of factors that will help you determine your target market. They also provide great questions to ask yourself after you believe that you have found the correct market that you will be targeting.


font selection

Finding your fonts, and sticking to them is very important in building your brand image and staying cohesive. Websites like font space and dafont offer many free fonts for you to download and utilize.


color scheme

Selecting your color scheme is also very important in building your brand image. Once you've elected your color scheme you will need to know the exact color number for those colors, so that you can continue to use those exact colors in your imagery. There are lots of "color picker" tools to help you identify your color numbers. This is one google extension that you can utilize on google chrome.


youtube academy

There are millions of tutorials on how to do almost anything  whether it it be business related, or step-by-step tutorials on topics related directly to your trade or service. 


photoshop trial

Photoshop and Illustrator are two of the industries top used design applications. Getting to know how to utilize this software will help you tremendously in so many ways. You will be able to create your own imagery, ads, business cards, thank-you cards, and so much more.


getting an ein #

It is super easy to get an EIN number for your business. It only takes a minute or two. It is always best to let an accountant or lawyer handle these kinds of business details, but if you are tight on cash, you can do it yourself for FREE.


file for an llc

Again, it is always recommended for an accountant or lawyer to handle these things, but if you are tight on cash you can file yourself for $125. The process is pretty easy and should take about 15-20 minutes. The link below is for PA based businesses only.


domain name

Purchasing your domain name is a great step to make your website more official. Website names can range from $10 to upwards of $50,000 for common domain names. If you select a domain name with a high price tag, making your selection more personal/unique will help drop the price. 

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