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The Nirae Couture story officially began in 2014 when Asia Nirae opened up her first online boutique. Based out of Los Angeles, California, her website featured one-of-a kind handmade jewelry and accessories (As seen below, featured on models: The Page Twins). Since then she has continued to integrate fashion, digital design, and Art into many other projects and small business ventures. With a Fashion Marketing and Management educational background, she has become an expert on brand identity and creating a strong digital presence.

Today, Nirae Couture Designs is an independent creative consultancy, specializing in branding, digital design, and event decor. We also create digitally designed, hand made accessories and decor. We are a one-stop-shop for all things creative.


Our work is defined by analysis and discussion.We engage in open thorough communication to ensure quality and precision in every project. Our goal is to create unique works of art, that are true to our clients and that serve as strong representations of their digital identity. 

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